Tyler Marie Powers

Therapist, MA

Email: tpowers@behavioralhealthalliance.org

Hello! My name is Tyler Marie Powers. I am a master’s level clinician honored with the privilege to help others heal and explore the meaning for their lives. I embrace a client-centered approach that identifies the expert role you play in your life while threading knowledge to increase understanding, awareness, and insight. I use cognitive-behavioral and systemic theories to identify barriers in beliefs and social structures and explore opportunities to increase biopsychosocial spiritual wellness. I am attuned to the power of words and the narrative we speak to others and ourselves. I am passionate about promoting and advocating social justice and finding strength and purpose in our individual identities. My experience as a competitive athlete, physique competitor, and competition coach has opened my eyes to the common struggles that are felt and experienced throughout the lifespan. This unique experience has also revealed the unique and exponential healing potential found in mental and wellness practices.

I have experience in working within university and community counseling settings. I conceptualize a gender-informed and trauma-responsive world view. I also have experience in substance use disorder, co-occurring disorders, depression, anxiety, body image issues, identity development, transitions through the lifespan, and issues in relationships through individual, couples, and group therapy.