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Eating Disorders Myths Vs Facts


Even the most skilled therapists and clinicians who work with eating disorders can find these complex and challenging conditions difficult to understand. The treatment and recovery process around disordered eating can be lengthy and involve a combination of in-patient and out-patient therapy, nutrition counseling, medical care, and work with other professionals. Since these conditions, their

Eating Disorders Myths Vs Facts2022-05-06T04:17:43+00:00

Top 5 Societal Biases Faced By Women & How They Impact Wellbeing


March is Women’s History Month and March 8th is International Women’s Day. In honor of these important celebrations, we want to take some time to discuss how societal biases faced by women are still impacting their wellbeing. 1 – Women Are Less Capable of Performing Certain Tasks This is the, “It’s okay. You’re a girl.

Top 5 Societal Biases Faced By Women & How They Impact Wellbeing2022-03-15T01:04:09+00:00

Do I Have Zoom Fatigue & Can I Get Rid of It?


Zoom fatigue sounds made up right? Meeting fatigue. That was real. Remember those days of in-the-office meetings? Sometimes, we had meetings to plan other meetings. What even was that? It was exhausting. So, now that many of us are working from home, being able to hop on a quick Zoom call rather than plan for

Do I Have Zoom Fatigue & Can I Get Rid of It?2022-02-28T04:20:02+00:00

Tips to Help Singles Avoid Valentine’s Day Pressure


For some, Valentine’s Day is a holiday they look forward to all year long. They can’t wait for a full day of celebrating how lucky they are in love. But for many singles, the pressure to find a date and the larger pressure to find someone to fall in love with can be overwhelming. First

Tips to Help Singles Avoid Valentine’s Day Pressure2022-02-11T17:04:51+00:00

Postpartum Depression & Mood Disorder


Postpartum Depression & Mood Disorder – What New Moms Need to Know Postpartum depression and mood disorder is a common experience for new moms. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed by intense emotions, unexpected changes in behaviors, or intrusive thoughts after having a new baby, you may be experiencing postpartum mood disorder. The good news

Postpartum Depression & Mood Disorder2022-01-21T01:57:50+00:00

Sleep and Well-Being


Sleep and Physical and Mental Health Sleep plays a critical role in the physical and mental health of a person. Sleep helps the brain work properly by helping you make new pathways that will assist in attaining and retaining information. Studies have shown that receiving a good night's sleep helps you improve learning, paying attention,

Sleep and Well-Being2022-01-13T14:52:43+00:00

Is Gaslighting a Thing?


Is Gaslighting a Thing? Before we delve into just exactly what gaslighting is, how it impacts people, and how to heal and recover from these relationships, let’s start with a simple affirmation: This is not in my head. They just make it feel that way. Repeat that to yourself a few times. Take a deep

Is Gaslighting a Thing?2021-12-22T03:44:28+00:00
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