Couples Therapy

Therapy for the Unique Challenges of Biracial, Bicultural, and Minority Couples

Finding a partner whose background, culture, and upbringing are diverse from yours can be an enormously enriching and transformative experience.

Yet, those differences may have also contributed to increased communication gaps and misunderstandings between both of you. It’s hard to anticipate every challenge that will arise, especially when life transitions test the most solid relationships.

Biracial and bicultural couples must also navigate added stressors like racial justice, ancestral trauma, and immigration/assimilation.

Couples or therapy can help you course-correct and open the doors to a more vibrant, mindful, and purposeful relationship.

Do we need couples therapy?

Ask yourselves these questions:

  • Do you find yourself holding on to grudges and past resentments?
  • Do the same fights keep happening with no answers?
  • Often feel ‘afraid’ to talk to your partner without fear of “blowing up” or hurting the other or feeling hurt?
  • Loss of sexual or emotional intimacy? Feeling distant from your partner?
  • Are you pondering divorce or separation?
  • Would you like to improve communication and intimacy in your relationship?
  • Has there been infidelity or substance abuse?

A Healthy Partnership Begins with Appreciation and Communication

How can couples therapy help?

Our therapists at Behavioral Health Alliance have specialized training and experience with biracial, bicultural, and minority couples.

  • ​Help you move beyond blame and pride to a place of hope and unlock the door to productive conversations that lead to intimacy again.
  • Create a safe, non-biased, and uninterrupted space to open your hearts and lean in toward one another again. This creates space for intimacy.
  • Communication tools to assert our needs and wants and share our dreams with our partners without sounding needy, afraid, or uncaring.
  • Avoid tension build-up. Learn to keep an everyday conversation – whether a bill was paid or taking your child to the doctor – from erupting into damaging fights.


Do I need to be in a marriage for this therapy to work?

Not so. You can begin therapy regardless of your relationship status, living arrangements, or sexual orientation. However, an open mind and heart are needed for treatment to be effective.

How does Couples Therapy work?
While most sessions are held with both partners present, there are likely times where it would be beneficial to meet separately. Information during sessions is entirely confidential and allows the therapist to adjust the focus with the shared goal to communication and shared goals.

How long will therapy take to see results?

This is hard to answer. Most people do not begin therapy until there is a breaking point. However, our therapists are present with you to keep things on track.

Behavioral Health Alliance is a firm believer that, with the right
guidance, each individual is capable of reaching their potential and
actualizing their best self.

Insurances Accepted