Trauma Therapy

Feel safe and trusting again.

What Is Trauma?

Trauma is an emotional response that occurs when you have been involved in a highly distressing situation, such as a matter of life and death. You can feel a sense of loss of safety and a sense of control of your surroundings. Events such as violence, sexual abuse, natural disaster, accident, military combat, neglect, or death can lead to trauma.

The wounds of trauma can cause profound psychological pain. After the experience, an individual can develop PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). There is a feeling of overwhelm, a lack of safety, and things out of control. This is because your body and mind are trying to process trauma but have not allowed feelings and sensations to work through your system.

How Do I Know I Have Experienced Trauma?

Take a moment to make a few observations:

  • I’m often jumpy at sudden sounds or movements
  • I have unexplained mood swings
  • I usually don’t feel safe
  • I wake from scary dreams several times per week
  • I’m always looking for exits or I end up avoiding stressful situations altogether.
  • I am always in protection mode – looking for danger and threats.
  • I use substances to numb the pain and let my mind rest from negative thinking or replaying the experience.
  • I retreat and isolate myself from my family and loved ones because of my reactions and anxiety.

How Does Therapy Help with Trauma & PTSD?

Therapy provides a safe, private, non-judgmental way for you to gain awareness of the impact of trauma, allow the trauma to be processed, and free yourself of its grip over your life. A highly-trained therapist will gently help you go deeper beneath the surface of day-to-day problems and knows how to move at just the right pace.

A trusting relationship with a therapist is the key to unblock and heal the wounds of trauma.

At Behavioral Health Alliance, we use proven therapeutic modalities and techniques to compassionately and expertly support you on your inward journey to processing trauma and rebuilding your life.

You’ll meet with our trauma therapists, who will help you rewire your brain to begin to experience situations with a sense of calm and confidence once again.

Behavioral Health Alliance is a firm believer that, with the right
guidance, each individual is capable of reaching their potential and
actualizing their best self.

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