There is no health without mental health. There might be a lot of barriers to seeking help for mental health including fear of being labeled, thinking that seeking help is a sign of weakness, finances, cultural barriers, not knowing what to expect, or not knowing where to start.

You wouldn’t wait or hide a bleeding wound, so why would you hide your emotional burdens? When we bring it to reality and talk about it more, we weaken the stigma and the power this stigma has on people. You are just a human, not a superhuman, so don’t delay putting your mental health first.

Here are some resources on how to seek services:
• Talk with your primary doctor and ask for a referral.
• Go to
• If you don’t have an insurance or have financial challenges, check out the walk-in counseling center here ( It’s free of charge and run by volunteers.
• If you are a student, check out your school’s clinic and ask for therapy services.